Shanel Campbell Hero
Courtesy of Shanel Campbell

Bed on Water by Shanel Campbell

Multi-disciplinary artist and designer, Shanel Campbell is a Brox-born, NYC based, first generation black woman with Caribbean lineage. Having graduated from Parson’s school of design, where she also taught, she held her first independent fashion show in 2018 which featured custom-made garments which were instantly adopted by artist, performers and celebrities. Focussing on black history, Afro-futurism, time and spirituality, her collections explore sexual identity through sculptural cuts and futuristic hyper-feminine silhouettes whilst celebrating the depth and power of black womanhood.

The collections

The inspiration for Shanel Campbell’s Afro-futurist collection is ‘soul’. Mixing eclectic reference and sharp execution with bold silhouette and rich vibrant colour, she has created an intoxicating and original hyper-femininity. Panelling, ruffles, feathers, tassels, ciss-cross lacing and strung beads come together in serpentine dresses in hot pinks and petrol blues, cropped jackets and ra-ra skirts, an elegant column dress in black, crimson and forest green, knee-high open-front laced velvet boots and the striking skirt and top printed with an image of a $100 bill, to create a nuanced and powerful feminine vision.