Bianca Saunders Hero

Bianca Saunders

London born, RCA Masters graduate, Bianca Saunders draws on her British and West-Indian background to explore menswear and the boundaries of construction and gender. Using a multi-disciplinary approach that includes, art, photography and filmmaking, she’s created an aesthetic narrative that challenges society’s preconceptions. Her eponymous menswear label blurs the line between masculinity and femininity, tailoring and streetwear, to push the possibility of structure and technique and subvert the accepted notion of hypermasculinity and traditional menswear.

The collections

Further exploring masculine identity, Bianca Saunders’s capsule plays with cut, proportion and fluidity to distort the traditional forms with a series of sleek structured and unstructured pieces. Her signature cuts have been honed and perfected, with shoulder pads and tucks creating powerful silhouettes. Using innovations in denim and printing techniques, she superimposes images of crumpled denim on structured denim to create the illusion of weight and movement. Asymmetric T-shirts and tops with pulled shoulders feature, as do loose-cut jackets and trousers in strong block colour, along with creased, gathered, ruffled and pleated shirts, jumpers and shorts, to create a purposeful yet nuanced collection that plays with form and function.