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Courtesy of Boramy Viguier and Thomas Lohr

Boramy Viguier

Paris-based, French-Cambodian designer Boramy Viguier founded his eponymous label in 2018, fusing medievalism and futurism, to create an ecclesiastical, baroque maximalism, with an underlying utilitarian industrial aesthetic, steeped in esoteric symbolism. Combining mysticism and modernism he blends fine tailoring, tech fabrics and upcycling to produce garments with a romantic, transcendental, otherworldly quality that somehow remain grounded in a functional reality.

The collections

In his archeo-futurist collection, Boramy Viguier combines clerical and monastic tailoring, hybrid fabrics and a cinematic flair, to fashion a medieval silhouette that conjures up the image of 21st century knight adventurer. Central to the collection is the voluminous all-over print outerwear, depicting monochrome mystic narratives or stratums of rich florals. Black crew-neck sweatshirts, hooded cagoules and black and white bombers and tunics, carrying cosmic and mystic motifs or the recurring symbolic goblet, all work together to evoke a metaphysical crusader on a sacred quest in a dark prophetic fable.