Cormio Hero
Courtesy of Cormio


Founded by Royal Academy of Antwerp graduate, Jezabelle Cormio, her eponymous Milan-based label explores the tension between city and countryside, subverting folkloric tradition to create a neo-Tyrolese fantasy. This constantly evolving theme further explores the decorative intersection between tradition and a playful fetishized subtext in a mix of Cormio classics and Vault exclusives, the collection of delicately hand-embroidered dresses and shirts, crochet-stitched miniskirts, re-envisioned leather coats and whimsical knitwear, is simultaneously quaint and seductive.

The collections

By her own admission, Jezabelle Cormio is obsessive about research, scouring libraries, the net and the archives of suppliers and fabric mills, looking at vintage through a contemporary lens, to subvert and innovate and create clothes that, although fiercely modern, are strangely imbued with history. Her collection features jackets, sweaters, skirts, tops and dresses, which develop and explore Cormio’s core themes. Taking a whimsical approach to craft and tradition, all pieces are spun, knitted and hand-embroidered in Italy and have an innocent yet knowing sexuality that is rooted in the past yet simultaneously exciting and new.