Mondo Mondo

Having grown up visiting her grandfather, an ex-pat artist working in Mexico City, LA-based jeweler and perfumer Natasha Ghosn drew inspiration from local crafts and pre-Columbian artefacts from an early age. After studying fine art and fashion history in Chicago and New York, as well as traditional metalsmithing in Mexico, she eventually launched Mondo Mondo (meaning ‘world world’ in Italian). Her signature sculptural styles have an organic Baroque feel, laced with poetic symbolism and ancient nostalgia. Both simultaneously delicate and extroverted, her intentionally imperfect creations have eclectic influences from romanticism and classicism to cult cinema and 80s excess.

The collections

An emotional synthesis of personal experience and visual inspiration, this exuberant collection of modern interpretations of heirlooms and relics is a playful mix of mythology, iconography, allegory and Baroque ornamentation. From the gold-plated unisex Monsieur bracelet inlaid with fuchsia stones, and Heart Burn necklace which plays on the simultaneousness of the pain and ecstasy of love, to the Daisy pearl bracelet and choker, and Sun, Moon and Heart motif earrings, Mondo Mondo is a world of timeless extravagance that transcends archetypes and culture, to inspire wildness and confidence.