hero ahluaia
Courtesy of Ahluwalia and Patrick Waugh


Multi-award-winning, London-based designer, author and film-maker Priya Ahluwalia, finds herself at the vanguard of a new wave of young environmentally conscious designers, set to radically change the fashion industry. Drawing inspiration from her dual Nigerian-Indian heritage, as well as personal and cultural histories, she works with vintage and surplus clothing to weave together an eclectic sustainable sociohistoric narrative, that is authentic, nuanced and full of symbolism. Splicing styles, materials, colours and techniques in a vibrant patchwork of next level hybridisation, her eponymous label challenges and reinterprets accepted menswear codes.

The collections

Inspired by the book ‘Homecoming’, Ahluwalia’s collection explores the themes of migration, family and ancestry. Referencing The Harlem Renaissance, migration maps and universal symbols of black culture, she expands her core concept of syncretism as she merges different references, emblems and upcycled textiles with a new assurance. Grounding her palette in blacks, browns and rich primary colours, with ombré dyeing and striped denim adding movement, she takes hybridisation to new heights, as jackets become reversible and contrasting textiles become one. The label’s signature patchwork button-ups bring together bamboo silk and deadstock shirting, graphic jumpers combine repurposed knit and sweatshirt fabrics and the ever-present polo tops are amplified with the use of more luxurious technique.