Established in California in 1966 by Paul Van Doren, Vans was born out of both style and necessity. The rugged design and rubber waffle grip soles soon became a hit with skaters, surfers, punks and artists along the Californian coast and beyond.

The collections

Vans x P.A.M.

Started in 2000 by Shauna Toohey and Misha Hollenbach, P.A.M. is an evolving collaboration between the two, their friends, and other creative contemporaries. An acronym for their graffiti tags, Perks and Mini, P.A.M. is deeply rooted in streetwear, but won’t be defined by any label, venturing into music and fine arts. For this collaboration with Vans, classic sneakers are inundated with P.A.M.’s signature motifs, creating a dizzying nod to the skateboard brand’s legacy.

Vans x Bianca Chandon

Inspired by late-1970s subcultures, 1980s clubbing, and 1990s anti-fashion, professional skateboarder Alex Olsen launched his skate/fashion crossover brand, Bianca Chandon. For this capsule collection with Vans, the duo ponders the stars, specifically their five-point shape and how we are so familiarized with it from our toddler days to adulthood. Arranged to recall the iconic Vans checkerboard series, these stars create something simultaneously familiar and different.