Courtesy of Yueqi Qi Xiangyu Liu

Yueqi Qi

Yueqi Qi graduated from Central Saint Martin’s in 2018 from the knitwear pathway and her atelier is based in Guangzhou, China. She is passionate about couture and traditional beading techniques. Her goal is to use fashion as a medium to tell stories which are personal but reveal something universal about the human condition. She is driven to revitalize craftsmanship and artisanship in her home country.

The collections

Returning to her cultural roots of refined high quality craft, having honed her skills at CSM, Yueqi Qi applies her combined artistry to create pieces with meaning, subtext and truth. Her collection of pleated dresses, jackets, pants, and vests employs a variety of couture techniques. From sophisticated knitwear and intricate handcrafted beading with eye-catching motifs and iconography, to abstracted shadow screen print re-imaginings of classic patterns and plaids, she weaves heritage and culture into her designs to evoke a memory of old luxury with a vibrant modern twist.