Growing a Better Future

A percentage of proceeds from Total Luxury Spa’s new initiative ‘UNA-Tools of Love & Mindfulness’ will go towards launching a horticulture program at a Los Angeles Elementary School.

Guided by an ethos of giving back, all of Total Luxury Spa’s collections are linked to a particular project that works towards bettering the health and well-being of its local Los Angeles community. As it launches ‘UNA-Tools of Love & Mindfulness’ on Vault, a donation will be made directly to Hillcrest Elementary, an inner-city Los Angeles school serving students from kindergarten to 5th grade.

Engaging its students in transformative and soulful work, the school prides itself on empowering kids and their families to become self-determined, fearless, and bold. The funds from UNA will go directly to launching an education-based horticultural initiative that gives the Hillcrest students the opportunity to work on a transformative and eco-positive project.

First, Hillcrest will reinvigorate its existing garden boxes, bringing the green space back to life for its students. Tools and supplies will also be provided to ensure its upkeep. Then, Hillcrest will begin the program with an initial workshop led by a horticulture expert to engage the students in their first harvest from the garden. This expert will make monthly visits to provide continued education throughout the year. Further, the school will document the program to show the growth of the garden, the program, and the children.

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