Bianca Saunders

London born, RCA Masters graduate, Bianca Saunders draws on her British and West-Indian background to explore menswear and the boundaries of construction and gender. Using a multi-disciplinary approach that includes, art, photography and filmmaking, she’s created an aesthetic narrative that challenges society’s preconceptions. Her eponymous menswear label blurs the line between masculinity and femininity, tailoring and streetwear, to push the possibility of structure and technique and subvert the accepted notion of hypermasculinity and traditional menswear.

The collections

Inspired by family photographs taken by her mother back in Jamaica when she was 18, Bianca Saunders’s latest Henchman collection is an exploration of her vibrant Caribbean heritage. With a nuanced take on modern masculinity, it brilliantly navigates the line between tailored and casual. Vivid canary yellow shirts and tops, crystal blue pullovers and trousers, two-toned tops and bottoms, bias cut singlets, upcycled indigo denim and giant checkered shirt and shorts create a strong silhouette for the contemporary man.


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