Charlotte Chesnais

An alumnus of the famed Parisian design institute Studio Berçot, designer Charlotte Chesnais explores the intersection of jewelry and sculpture. Having worked for various fashion houses where she perfected her design philosophy, she eventually set up her own house in 2015. Drawing inspiration from furniture and product design she uses gold, sterling silver and vermeil to fashion sinuous and sensual designs that are singular in execution, yet idiosyncratic in the wearing, with ultra-defined sculptural lines envisioned to come to life when set against the contours of the body.

The collections

The simplicity of the final designs belies the long and meticulous process involved in the creation of this ingenious and dynamic collection. Exploring dimensionality from the outset, ideas are initially sculpted by hand rather than drawn, molding materials around body parts to achieve the organic architectural curves that are the DNA of the brand. From the Round Trip, Surma, Ribbon and Wave rings, to the curved balanced constraint of the Mirage and Curl earrings and elegant fluidity of the Bond and Symi necklaces, each piece is a physical exploration of form and function.