Fraser Hamilton

Born in the Highlands of Scotland, Fraser Hamilton studied silversmithing and jewelry at The Glasgow School of Art, Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry, Tokyo and finally the RCA in London. Casting elements of the human form in precious metal, he uses the body as landscape, playing with our cognitive understanding of scale to create monolithic sculptures in miniature, that simultaneously channel antiquity and popular culture. Often clutching uncommon cuts of precious gems, the hand, a symbol of creation and discovery, is a recurring motif within the designs.

The collections

Carved from wax and then cast in ethically sourced gold and silver, this collection features the Breach sunken Signet and Reclining Nude rings and the Heart and Aloatra pendants. The iteration of the hand has the twin narratives of heartfelt, sentimental gesture and allegorical discovery of the precious, with the gem within the sunken signet, seemingly in the process of being dug from the ground. With a medieval, almost pagan grittiness, the pieces, layered with symbolism and meaning, form an intriguing collection of contemporary totems.