Seb Brown

Established in 2009, Melbourne-based jewelry designer Seb Brown’s namesake brand is a constantly evolving exploration of form and texture. Trained as a graphic designer, his gold and silversmithing is self-taught, which has freed him from the restraints of tradition and shaped the distinct style that has gained him critical and commercial success internationally. Experimenting with negative space, juxtaposition and playful, spontaneous placement, he uses reclaimed precious metals and the highest quality conflict-free stones to explore the subtleties of materiality and achieve a seemingly random yet controlled beauty within his designs.

The collections

Inspired by ancient ceramics, Celtic and Mediterranean jewelry, 20th-century painting and the elemental Australian ancestral landscape, this collection gives raw sculptural expression to gold and silver forms. Working predominantly with gold, embedded with ethically sourced diamonds, rubies, lapis, rose quartz, sapphires and pearls or simply scored with a smiley face, he lets the lustrous internal beauty of the metal sing. These rebellious and deceptively simple takes on such classics as the signet ring add a consciously unrefined yet subtly brilliant twist to any look.