Bernard James

Brooklyn-based artisanal jewelry designer Bernard James founded his eponymous unisex brand in 2010 and has since garnered critical acclaim around the world for his elegant and enduring handcrafted creations. Interested in the relationship between jewelry and the wearer, he contrasts hard and soft, masculine and feminine, to challenge traditional modes. Marrying modern conceptual thinking with time-honored techniques, he invests each piece with meaning and sentiment designed to elicit a visceral emotional response and deepen the concept of modern luxury to create contemporary, yet timeless heirlooms to be handed down for generations.

The collections

Inspired by summer at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, this collection marks a significant change, leaving the darker codes of earlier work behind to play with contrast and patina and explore the relationship between different color golds and silvers, set against colored gemstones. The Floral Choker, Daisy ring and Daisy earrings, Floral Bouquet, Spina thorn rings and dangerously gorgeous Thorn Branch earrings are all delicate yet evocative interpretations of nature. Also featured is the transitional M.M. Coin Necklace – in rose gold, with yellow gold bezel and central skull with natural white diamond inlays, inspired by the idea of Memento Mori and remembering death in order to celebrate life and live it to the fullest.