Martine Ali

Brooklyn-based jewelry designer Martine Ali studied visual arts at Fordham before taking an internship at a well-known NY fashion house, where her personal style got her noticed and led to her being asked to design jewelry in-house. Five years later, she left to set up her own eponymous label. Inspired by 90s hip hop, skate and punk culture, yet grounded in human observation, her modular, self-customization collections have been big hits within the fashion and music industries. Unpremeditated and instinctive, her transformative design process recontextualizes the familiar in a contemporary utilitarian style that reimagines toggle clips, Cuban link chains and heavy chokers.

The collections

Channeling MTV and the hip hop of her youth, Martine Ali’s modern take on traditional functional cultural tropes sees pieces like the sterling-silver Spike and Surf earrings, and delicate Corbin charm necklace, designed to be worn in contrast to the heavier Hardware and Damon Scrap chokers, Bracelets and Pant chains, made from repurposed remnants of her signature MA link combinations. Together they combine to create a versatile heavy-duty unisex collection designed to allow authentic, individual expression.