The two brands step further into the metaverse with the first drop of an ultra-limited collection of NFTs.

From floral fantasies to trippy GG Supreme dreamscapes, the characters of SUPERPLASTIC enter new realms as the leading creator of animated celebrities, vinyl and digital collectibles teams up with Gucci to create the new SUPERGUCCI collaboration.

For the collection of NFTs, each coming with a porcelain sculpture crafted by Bitossi Ceramiche, SUPERPLASTIC’s synthetic artists Janky and Guggimon combine their digital style with the House’s historic codes in ten different whimsical scenarios inspired by Gucci Aria.

Dropping on February 1, SUPERGUCCI will be minted in three phases: first to NFT SUPERPLASTIC holders, second to Gucci Vault’s Discord community, and third to the public through a raffle. This mint will be hosted by SUPERPLASTIC via Vault, the House’s experimental space for objects that defy the confines of time and space through the power of imagination.

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