JORDANLUCA was founded in 2018 by dual namesakes Jordan Bowen and Luca Marchetto, having refined their design process whilst previously working for a world-renowned fashion house and leading British milliner. This independent and irreverent label harnesses the tension between the chaotic creative energy of London and the rigor of refined Italian tailoring, to create a cross-cultural collusion that results in a visceral and iconoclastic take on menswear. Dedicated to living in the moment, the duo take inspiration from the now, channelling the prevailing emotion to juxtapose a transgressive attitude to structure and material with an underlying commitment to craftsmanship.

The collections

In a joyfully subversive take on 2022, JORDANLUCA reimagines a masculinity where positive and negative emotions coexist. In a step change, they capture a lighter more sanguine life. However, there’s still an underlying irreverence. 50’s Cuban silhouettes, British memorabilia and nods to skinhead and punk style work with an elegant palette of white, saffron, jade, black and pillar box red to create designs full of nuance and subtly seditious details. Dainty pleated knee-length and fuller long skirts, delicate knitted button up tops, rose emblems, exotic foliage prints and gracefully draped shirts with slit shoulders juxtapose with distressed tees, mono-sleeve tops, checkered polos and jagged spike motif shirts to create an eclectic blend of subcultural tropes and refined, sexy lines.