Once an icon always an icon

Let’s play a little ‘then’ and ‘now’ by taking epoch-defining Gucci and giving it a contemporary spin.

True style never goes out of fashion and to prove it we’ve travelled deep into the
recesses of the Vault to find iconic pieces that so embody a particular era that
it would seem almost inconceivable they could ever live outside that moment in
time. But by styling these pieces as part of a contemporary editorial shoot, we
hope to show that ‘once an icon, always an icon’. Each epoch-defining piece
brought back from the past, is accompanied by it’s own advertising from the
era, allowing us to juxtapose past and present, play a little ‘Then and Now’, and
demonstrate that whilst fashions may change, style remains.

Originally released in the late 1960s, this set of six decorative cups are crafted in silver nickel with animal heads, including a horse, dog, rabbit, fox, deer and wild boar.

archive pic