Gucci Vintage Treasures

Vault presents a highly curated assortment of rare finds from Gucci’s past, each the one and only of its kind.

A collection of vintage items, selected by the Creative Director and Gucci archivists for their particularity and character, and reconditioned by in-house artisans. Each vintage item is one-of-a-kind, only available once and numbered to coincide with the year of the drop—a detail that further emphasizes their very limited availability.

Matching the one-of a-kind status of the vintage selection, each product comes in tailor-made packaging specially created to reflect their design. Following Vault's geometric theme, the outside of the packaging is defined by different shapes and patterns; while the inside is embossed with the identification number of your item and holds an exclusive dust bag.

Vibrant Vintage Finds

Like nothing one has ever seen before.

Just in time for sun-soaked days, Vault has added a bold and bright twist to a selection of vintage items. Echoing the playfulness of the selection, a humor-tinged photoshoot envisioned by Max Siedentopf confirms that a smile and style forever go hand in hand.

GUCCI VINTAGE 2400 x 1628 px4