Bleue Burnham

Brighton-born, London-based jewelry designer Bleue Burnham has risen rapidly through the fashion firmament since launching his eponymous brand in 2018. Self-taught, and unencumbered by convention, his rough-hewn yet meticulously crafted creations, inspired by the beauty and magnitude of the natural world, have a timeless aesthetic intended to enrich life through meaning and connection. Passionate about the environment, longevity lies at the center of his design ethos, not just in terms of his desire to create jewelry that will last for multiple lifetimes, but also his commitment to sustainability and the future of the planet.

The collections

Inspired by the concept of Vault, this nuanced collection brings history into the present through the medium of jewelry. All silver pieces have relics of genuine Roman jewelry melted into the metal and all jewelry containing gemstones include one recycled natural ruby or sapphire, contrasted against his traditional use of lab-grown gems. This means all the jewelry has lived before and now bridges to the present. Featuring the signature Rose Garden Signet, Grand Riviera, Marigold and inscribed Signets, as well as his Rose Garden and Rose Pendants, the collection creates layers of connection intended to amplify the beauty of the natural world.