Georgia Kemball

London-based jewelry designer Georgia Kemball studied illustration and then textiles, before graduating from the RCA and founding her namesake label in 2015. Merging ancient mystical and floral motifs with a feral punk rawness her jewelry collections bring a sense of optimism, beauty and renewal. Each piece is imbued with a narrative to create contemporary charms and talismans, charged with protective and healing power.

The collections

Inspired by magic and mysticism, this collection of rough-hewn yet delicate gold and sterling silver motifs, features goblins to ward off malevolent spirits and includes a People necklace as an antidote to the isolation of recent years, up-cycled silk pieces made with Gucci offcuts and floral charm necklaces, hoop earrings and drip rings designed to be contemporary amulets. These distinctive and ethereal pieces are steeped in metaphysical power and meaning designed to have enduring sentimental value.