Vintage Bamboo leather bag, 1960s

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"Side-saddle she rode at your side
60’s chic personified
A bamboo half-circle forged in flame
You carried her to great acclaim."

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Vintage Bamboo leather bag, 1960s

This Bamboo bag was first produced in the 1960s with the code 0633. The small structured shape is crafted in smooth black leather and is complemented by a natural bamboo handle and closure. Embossed in gold in the interior is 'Made in Italy by Gucci' accompanied by the number '106'–the identification number of the bag's artisan. This leather bag was selected by the Creative Director and Vault archivists for its particularity, character and exceptional vintage condition, and it was reconditioned to the highest standard by in-house artisans. It has been given the number 03 | 21 and will arrive in tailor-made packaging. This rare and beautiful piece should be handled with exceptional care.

The Story

Created by Florentine artisans during the postwar period, the craftsmanship behind this bag exuded a feeling of luxurious travel and provided an attainable escape from reality. By using a flame, the bamboo handle was curved into a semicircle shape and added an unexpected contrast to the smooth black leather of the bag's body.

Grasping the textured bamboo handle continues to evoke that same feeling of new beginnings and the unwavering pursuit for more.

As soon as you hold a piece of the Vault, you begin to write a new chapter of its story—instituting a relationship, rather than an ownership, that will forever connect one owner to the next. As the years accumulate, every mark or crease is collected onto the surface, continuously altering the item’s appearance and making it completely unique. Imperfections should be expected and treasured as the journey continues for this piece.

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Product Details

Product code: 674897 A390U 1000

Black leather
W26.5cm x H17cm x D10cm
10.4"W x 6.7"H x 4"D
Original Code: 0633
Originally Released: 1960s
Due to the creative decision to preserve the original lining of this handbag, there might be some visible wear and tear.
This is a pre-owned product that was specifically selected for Vault.