Rebekah Kosonen Bide

Australian-born interdisciplinary artist Rebekah Kosonen Bide graduated from Goldsmiths with a first-class degree in Fine Art and History of Art and now lives and works in London, where she creates her ‘Objects of Use’: talismanic, sculptural pieces intended to integrate and augment the wearer’s identity. Drawing on art, poetry, historicism and folkloric costume, she combines experimental and archaic technique in a contemporary alchemy of transmuted metals, to create handcrafted material treasures from an altered reality, imbued with a visceral magic that challenge perception to create new meaning, use and personal ritual.

The collections

Contrasting and subverting traditional technique, this unisex collection of elemental pieces has a bewitching charm. From the deceptive gold Pearl’d Love Ring, which doubles as a locket, through the selection of lighter and carrying cases etched with lines of poetry and Curdled Brooches with pearl drops, that feel as if they were spontaneously forged without human intervention, to the Gilded Box of Days, each design is a memorializing of materials into modern-day treasures, that fulfil both need and desire and play with the idea of what jewelry and sentiment should be.