Vault Art Space Presented by Gucci and SuperRare

Discover ‘The Next 100 Years of Gucci’ through the eyes of 29 artists.

From multi-dimensional Flora prints to GG-monogrammed bionic body parts, within the digital web3 art realm, the possibilities of the House’s next century become endless. A foreshadowing of the journey forward, Vault Art Space’s first cryptoart exhibition and auction, entitled ‘The Next 100 Years of Gucci’ infinitely extends the storyline that Alessandro Michele has set in motion for the House to ever-diverse perspectives.

Divided into three drops, each digital artwork is a collectible fragment of the House’s kaleidoscopic narrative, twisting the codes of the past and present to suggest the Gucci of the future. The initial slate of artists includes Alanna Vanacore, Alex Trochut, Alexis Christodoulou, Aliendope, ALIENQUEEN, Aliina Kauranne, anchenillustration, Antoni Tudisco, Dārta Katrīna, diberkato, Drew Young, eBoy, Ignasi Monreal, Ignorance1, Jordan Schiffer, Kris Andrew Small, loudsqueak, Merijn Hos & Jurriaan Hos, Paulina Almira, Pet Liger, Pindar Van Arman, SamJ, Sasha Katz, Sheidlina, Tim Maxwell, trs.mnz, Tyler Spangler, VEXX, and YEAHYEAHCHLOE.


"Gucci World"


“Gucci World”

“We are accelerating exponentially towards new realities, the journey has never been more uncertain and the destination so hard to define. Choose to believe what lies in front of us is a new world of wonders - sound by HOLY.” ~Alex Trochut

Ignasi Monreal


“BL00M is a dynamic digital garden of painted flowers. While interacting with the crypto market, each flower blossoms as the price of the NFT rises, or slowly wilts if the market falls. This experimental commentary on the complex relationship between art and value is bringing to life a digital ecosystem grounded in self-awareness. This piece is a reinterpretation of the BL00M NFT series by artist Ignasi Monreal, now inspired by two iconic Gucci prints: the historic Flora motif, first presented by Vittorio Accornero in the '60s, is layered over the House monogram for a modern take on the two archival patterns.” ~Ignasi Monreal

Forbidden Fruit

Tim Maxwell

“Forbidden Fruit”

“After looking at what your plans are (Gucci), it’s nothing short of jaw dropping. It’s practically a new digital architecture from the ground up. So incredible, bold, and what this brand represents.” ~Tim Maxwell


“Imminent Nostalgia”

“Dreaming of Gucci's past and yearning for Gucci's love the next 100 years and beyond.” ~ALIENQUEEN

Imminent Nostalgia
Welcome to your rebirth

Ellen Sheidlin

“Welcome to your Rebirth”

“Human skin is regenerated every 7 years, the cells that we originally consisted of are no longer there, but something remains more important than the body, more important than organs, stone. It is not scary to change the name and form, it is important to leave the meaning, meaning and idea, this is the skin that we will take with us into the future.” ~Ellen Sheidlin


Discontinuità dello spazio

“Inspired by the Giacomo Balla's ‘Forme uniche della continuità dello Spazio,’ this digital sculpture makes use of the holographic color spectrum to give a futuristic look to the classic Gucci logo. The logo melts over the cubical surface and this interaction creates an optical illusion that adds an extra layer of depth to the sculpture.” ~Ignorance1

Discontinuità dello spazio



“In the future we are able to travel between emotions very fast through gateways changing the way we look and feel in a split second.” ~Merijn & Jurriaan Hos



“A blinking bouquet. An edible flying vase. Don’t be alarmed - the talons are simply polished fondant. Would you like an accompanying serpent to serenade your sweetheart? We can do that too - he’s 95% dark cocoa with a rich caramel core. Shall I put your name on the waitlist, then? Yes, wonderful, thank you, you’re officially registered now. Please expect your package delivered right to her doorstep in early 2122 - exactly 100 years from today. Have a lovely evening!” ~Paulina Almira

Rite of Spring ii


“Rite of Spring II”

“This piece reflects the limitations that we experience when trying to express ourselves in our closest relationships. There is never a complete path to empathize with what an individual is expressing. As blockchain tech advances and we develop new ways of expression, we can lessen the distance between ourselves and how we tell our stories.” ~SamJ



“Own a piece of history - a bespoke kinetic sculpture featuring a shifting color palette that speaks to a timeline of Gucci’s visual innovation. Resting in a digitally augmented circular box wrapped in a combination of Flora and GG print fabrics, this Gucci collectable juxtaposes digital technologies against a legacy of fine craftsmanship and provocative design.” ~Loudsqueak

“Quantum GUCCI”

Pindar Van Arman

“Quantum GUCCI”

“This work was procedurally generated by observing the quantum properties of atoms on an actual Quantum Computer. The imagery moves in and out of existence, only probably where we see it, and the moment something comes into focus, it reveals itself to have been elsewhere, or something else entirely. This is quantum art in creation, form, and function. This is the reflection of reality.” ~ Pindar Van Arman