A native of Venice Beach, multi-talented photographer, filmmaker and set designer, Eli Russell Linnetz has shaped his own pop-culture fashion take on the Americana aesthetic. Whilst studying screenwriting at the University of California, he paid his tuition by making costumes for operas, where he perfected his precise tailoring skills. Both subversive and celebratory, his vivid and layered take on American culture is imbued with a twisted nostalgia and irreverent humor. Referencing 70’s psychedelia, 80’s decadence and 90’s film, he blends the collegiate spirit of swim teams and sports jocks with skate culture and flower power.

The collections

Combining a vibrant California palette of pinks, purples, reds, oranges, greens and yellows with unexpected fabrics and silhouettes, this gender-neutral collection is a nuanced homage to sun-kissed American West Coast youth. Varsity sweaters emblazoned with logos, graphic text tees, sweatpants, floral button ups, trippy shirts and trousers, loose-fit swirl hoodies in pinks and mauves, patchwork and ultra-flared denim, as well as circle bomber bags and encrusted belts all conjure up an evocative collegiate nostalgia with a contemporary twist and infectious spirit of optimism.