A multi-directional exploration spanning digital realms has begun. Within this expanse of experimental creativity, NFTs and other Web3-based wonders will arise in surprising forms.


Gucci Vault Land

Open from October 27-November 9, Gucci Vault Land is a meeting place in The Sandbox Metaverse where curiosity awaits in every corner. From the Vintage Lab to the Reverso Room, the many facets of Vault play out in surprising forms, including a limited collection of digital collectibles.



Together with SUPERPLASTIC, the initial steps were taken, blurring the lines between digital and physical with SUPERGUCCI.


Vault Art Space Presented by Gucci and SuperRare

Through a partnership between the House and the pioneering marketplace for unique curated NFT artworks, Vault puts down roots in the cryptoart space. Opening up the House’s heritage to ever-diverse points of view, Vault Art Space showcases collectible fragments of the House’s kaleidoscopic narrative, auctioned off in a frequent rotation of drops. Additionally, the House has purchased an $RARE Token, marking Gucci’s entrance in the SuperRare DAO.


Welcome to Gucci Town

A digital destination on Roblox dedicated to those seeking the unexpected.

Free-dimensional and forever in flux, just like Vault, Gucci Town on Roblox is a place to discover more about the House and its heritage alongside the kaleidoscopic vision of Alessandro Michele, as well as to express one’s own individuality and connect with like-minded individuals from all over the world. The virtual piazza offers a series of experiences including mini games, art exhibitions, and shopping for digital Gucci items to outfit Roblox avatars.


10KTF Gucci Grail

When Alessandro Michele crosses paths with digital artisan Wagmi-san, magic arises.



From there, the journey continues, as Vault calls upon a certain digital artisan to reimagine the historic knowhow of Gucci. To further experiment with the centennial legacy of the House, artists will be welcomed to dream up the next hundred years. Through it all, there will be something special for the original devotees. And when the time comes, Vault will be fully unlocked for those who believe. Stay tuned.