Señorita Out of School coat

By La Veste

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Spanish stylist Blanca Miro and designer Maria de la Orden joined forces in 2018 to create the Barcelona-based label La Veste. Known for its signature blazers (La Veste is French for a blazer), this collection expands its vintage-inspired aesthetic in a playful juxtaposition of texture and color.

This exclusive capsule for Vault takes several of La Veste’s iconic styles and presents them as re-editions with playful twists and vibrant injections of color. This black Señorita Out of School coat brings a mischievous elegance to this joyously exuberant aesthetic.

Product Details

Product code: 708566 XVAIR 1000

Black vinyl with red buttons
Length: 94cm/37"; Hip Contour: 109cm/43"
Measurements are based on a size small
70% polyester and 30% polyurethane
Made in Spain
Available only on Vault